David Gueulette was born in Brussels, after several years at the university, he finally studied visual art at the IAD in “Louvain La Neuve” Belgium. In the same time, he is also graduated of the commercial diving school in Dinant Belgium. At the age of 30 he leaves Brussels for the country side of Belgium in the small city of Rochefort. He works there in documentary production company in the field of “discoveries” and archeology. Today, at the age of 49 he puts water to life across the world.


To build, invent, disassemble, mount, …. This is what David loves since its childhood. Years ago, he was passioned by steel machining and milling. All the object he did were dedicated to cave diving, his hobby; his first handy works quickly become more complex realizations. AT that time already, every object he realized had to be beautiful, graceful, not just functional. As the design of the object took more and more place, he decided to stop building useful objects and turned to sculpture in a complete self-taught way.


Interested in the human - machine interactions, his first sculptures are life sized “robots” made of scrap metal with a lot very fine details. Quickly, his sculptures become more and more purified and he began to use raw material only. Tubes, rods and wire became bones, muscles and tendons. His sculpture are now a mix of angular mechanical shapes, curvy wires and raw melted steel which inject the organic life.


His inspiration is contemporary dance, he is looking for instant unbalanced poses that can only exist on pictures. All the parts like muscles, tendons, dampers, axes are put together so that it seems the sculpture can be put in movement. For this reason, visitors often ask him if the sculptures (robots they say) can walk or move. Despite the coldness and rigidity of steel, the sculptures of David Gueulette are freezframes of a graceful incomplete movement.

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